Allied Musicians under one roof


The Music Alliance (hereafter refered to as "TMA") is a multifunctional organisation aswell as a record label.
We work with a number of carefully handpicked bands stackered over several genres.
TMA coorporates with it's partners, sponsors and with concert-organizers, record companies, media and other professionals. 

TMA performs band certifications, promotes and manages its bands, arranges events/concerts/festivals etc. 

TMA works on a international level with all kind of musical genres, with both unsigned and signed bands/musicians.


The main goal is to ally the bands in the roster, so that they can share contacts, fanbase, skills etc. Helping its members by assisting and providing tools, contacts with professionals, etc. 

The members gets great discounts, help/support through the partners and sponsors. 
The main goal for a band is to achieve points, so that they'll rise in rank, giving them more and better benefits.

Specific Info for:

Concert Organizers
As an organizer, you have the opportunity to book a band-package, where one or more of the bands may be bands from elsewhere. TMA will offer you promotional help via it's partners, media (TV, radio and newspapers), Internet or via the TMA crew/street-team etc. 

Sponsors & partners
Members collects points for purchases made trough a partner, these credits will help them to rise in rank. Partners or sponsors can also attract bands/musicians with various endorsement agreements. 

VIP members
As a VIP, You have the opportunity to show goodwill and help the bands by acting as a mentor. There are no requirements on a VIP-member, you may even be compensated for holding seminars or lectures or other type of work. To become a VIP-member you must have a strong position in the music industry, you may be a well known musician, producer, professional and such. 

Crew & Street-team
A ranking system used where hard work gives a higher rank which leads to more benefits and also payment for some actions. Discounts at TMA-partners, events are some of the standard benefits for a crew/street-team member.

Are you interested in collaborating with TMA? Contact us for further discussions.